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Here at Alaskan Coffee Pot, we believe in the three C’s ― Coffee, Cannabis, and Community.


After 25 years of experience in the cannabis industry, we were tired of the ‘get in and get out’ mentality of weed shops. We wanted to create a safe space for weed lovers of all kinds to bring friends, have a laugh, and leave our shop feeling a sense of community and belonging through the shared passion of coffee and cannabis (and high-speed internet!)


Whether you’re grabbing a latte with an old friend or finding a joint to smoke with a new one, Alaskan Coffee Pot is the place where you can do both ― supplying you with the goods needed to sustain you through the day, or give you that much-needed break you deserve.


So come visit our baristas and budtenders on Dunn Street, where coffee, cannabis, and community are our love language.

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